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Pink Sugar

A sweet sugary fragrance that reminds to the sweet and soft world of cotton candy. A pink world, deeply feminine but fresh and modern, enriched by pinwheels around childhood’s candies. A world in which we want to dive, to taste the sweetness made of simple and elegant things. An unique experience in which dream and reality are combined. An encounter between femininity and childhood, the first memories are those that leave a sign.

PINK SUGAR is like diving into a cloud of cotton candy, a journey into the enchanted world of memory. A celebration of sensuality and euphoria, an invigorating rush of optimism and bracing vitality. A gaily whirling pinwheel of flavor delights and passion, to be savored every day, an intoxicatingly mouth-watering pleasure.

Pink Flower

Pink Flower by Pink Sugar

A sweet and sophisticated fragrance, for a feminine, sensual and dynamic woman. For the first time the olfactive areas most loved by consumers, flowery and chypre, are combinated in a unique and high profumery creation.

Flowers and peonies are the main elements of the range, with a precious and elegant pack.

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